Tiffany Mitchell

Julie was amazing with my child!

Tiffany Mitchell

Julie was amazing with my child!

“Julie Wood is a very caring, highly intelligent and insightful educational psychologist in Mount Pleasant. She assessed my son when he was struggling in school. Julie’s workup was rigorous, complete and extremely informative and helpful. Her assessment and recommendations were critical in guiding our family’s decision for next steps in my child’s educational journey. Those steps have proved life-changing –I am incredibly grateful for Julie’s astute insights and her consummate professionalism.”

Peter W.D. Wright, Esq.

Special Education Attorney & Advocate for Children with Special Needs


“I recently reviewed a child’s file and read an evaluation you did on a youngster with severe dyslexia. I was really really impressed. I began practicing special education law in 1978. As a result, I have read hundreds of evaluations, perhaps more. Your evaluation of the youngster was one of the best I have ever read. I was impressed with the selection and depth of the tests you administered, your explanation about the tests and the child’s scores, and, most important, what they needed to turn things around for the youngster. Your comprehensive report was written in a clear understandable manner and was absolutely superb. Great job!

Again, thanks for being at the Wrightslaw training and participating in the panel at the end of the day. South Carolinians are fortunate to have you as a resource.”

Dot Mishoe

Former Director, Student Disability Access Office at Duke University

“Julie is perhaps, one of the top educational specialists in the greater Charleston area. Her expertise of various learning disabilities is unequivocal to many in the area. Her reports are some of the most comprehensive I have read during my 18 years of working with students with disabilities. I have lived in Charleston for the past 22 years, thus having worked in this field for 90% of that time, I know a great many educational specialists. She is thorough in her testing, therefore her evaluations are extraordinary and easy to read and navigate. I have referred her to many parents without hesitation, and assured them that they will receive not only possible answers to their questions, but come away with an understanding of what and where the learning issues lie. Even though I have made a transition to Duke University as the Director of the Student Disability Access Office, I will refer her whenever the opportunity presents itself, as she would be the person I would choose if my child ever needed to be tested for ADHD/Learning Disabilities.”

Page Stroup

“We live in Charlotte, NC and traveled to Mt. Pleasant, SC to have our child evaluated on two separate occasions – once in elementary school and once at the beginning of high school. Julie Wood and her team conduct in depth and extensive evaluations. Julie has a wonderful rapport with the child during testing as well as when she skillfully articulates the findings with the child and parents.

What sets Breakwater Associates apart are their willingness to delve deep into a suspected deficiency during testing in order to make a correct diagnosis and the ability to provide a course of action to help your child. In fact, our pediatrician and an admissions counselor at one of the top ranked private schools in NC both remarked that they had never read such a thorough evaluation and report. On our recommendation, many other Charlotte, NC families have traveled to Breakwater Associates for testing and all have had the same positive experience.”

Diana Garrett

“We choose Breakwater for our son’s evaluation after they were highly recommended by several trusted friends who had had a wonderful experience there. I am so glad we did. Julie was so thorough and informative, and took the time to really get to know our son and us beyond basic testing. I was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise, especially in the area of dyslexia. Julie and Meg are beyond professional and knowledgeable and truly care about each individual child. I could not recommend Breakwater more.”

Tiffany Rooney

“Professional, and comprehensive care. Our experience with Julie at Breakwater was exceptional. She created a comfortable environment during evaluation and follow up for our son and family. Her background expertise as well as her customized care helped us through a process that gave us direction and hope! Grateful to have providers in our community like her…highly recommend her skills at Breakwater Associates”

Shannon Gregg

“Julie came to speak to our homeschool support group several years ago. Many of the things she said rang true for our experiences with our son…

Julie spent a great deal of time with him testing, and building a good rapport. He performed well with her and seemed to enjoy his time there. He worked for longer than I expected, and I left there thinking maybe SHE should be his teacher! Our son was diagnosed with dyslexia. While we were sorry he had this to battle, we were so relieved to have answers to his struggles! Julie took a lot of time to go over the testing results with us, she was, and continues to be very supportive and helped point me in the right direction to improve his reading skills…”

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