What can a psychoeducational evaluation answer?

Why is my child struggling academically?

What are my child’s cognitive and/or academic strengths and weaknesses?

Does my child present with any significant cognitive and/or academic deficits?

Are there any specific information processing deficits that are impacting my child’s academic performance?

Is my child’s social, emotional, and/or behavioral functioning interfering with his/her academic achievement or interpersonal relationships?

Is my child delayed in social skills?

Does my child meet the criteria for a diagnosis of ADHD or a learning disability?

Does my child present with symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

What academic interventions, modifications, and/or accommodations are most appropriate for my child?

What is the most appropriate type of academic setting for my child?

Are referrals to other professionals warranted, such as occupational therapy, counseling, speech and language evaluation/therapy, psychiatric consultation, Dyslexia Therapy, Executive Function coaching?

Does my child qualify for accommodations for SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE testing, such as extended time?

Do I or my child qualify for accommodations or special services in the college setting?

How long will the psychoeducational evaluation take?

The evaluation typically takes eight hours of individually administered testing given across two days. However, if your child needs frequent breaks due to anxiety, sensory issues, or significant difficulty sustaining their attention; or is very gifted; additional time may be required. However, I work hard to develop a rapport with your child in order to to motivate them, make them laugh, and help reduce their anxiety so that extra time is not needed. My testing sessions are very relaxed and fun and I often have children, adolescents, and young adults who want to come back for more testing!

What age range do you evaluate?
What specfiically is measured in a comprehensive psychoeducational evaulation?



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What happens after testing is completed?
Do you take insurance?
What should my child bring to the evaulation?

*As a resident of Charleston County, your child (pre-school through grade 12) may be eligible for a psychoeducational evaluation at no expense to you. These are provided by the School Psychologist assigned to the public school your child attends or by the School Psychologist at Child Find (843.937.6532) if your child does not attend a public school.

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